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2017 Volleyball Schedule
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Schedule for 2017-18 Volleyball
 DayTime OpponentScore Record 
 255:00 PM vs. Montreat CollegeL-13-25,14-25,20-250-1 Details
 Valley in the Mountains Tournament Montreat, NC
 5:00 PM vs. Shawnee State UniversityL-17-25,12-25,14-250-2 Details
 Valley in the Mountains Tournament Montreat, NC
 263:00 PM vs. Taylor UniversityL-11-25,25-23,10-25,12-250-3 Details
 Valley in the Mountains Tournament Montreat, NC
 3:00 PM vs. University of Rio GrandeL-25-21,16-25,13-25,19-250-4 Details
 Valley in the Mountains Tournament Montreat, NC
 56:00 PM @ Clark Atlanta UniversityW-19-25,25-13,25-20,21-25,15-111-4 Details
 76:00 PM @ Concordia College SelmaW-25-16,25-10,25-202-4 Details
91:00 PM vs. DillardL-25-22,13-25,19-25,23-252-5 0-1Details
 115:00 PM @ Alabama-HuntsvillePostponed2-5 Details
 Tri-Match at Miles College
 7:00 PM vs. Miles CollegePostponed2-5 Details
 Tri-Match at Miles College
161:00 PM @ XavierL-17-25,22-25,5-252-6 0-2Details
 173:00 PM @ Loyola UniversityL-12-25,21-25,18-252-7 Details
186:00 PM @ Southern University at New OrleansL-20-25,20-25,20-252-8 0-3Details
 226:00 PM @ Fisk UniversityL-17-25,18-25,14-252-9 Details
256:00 PM vs. Edward WatersW-25-18,25-19,25-173-9 1-3Details
 286:00 PM vs. Point UniversityL-25-21,20-25,8-25,13-253-10 Details
301:00 PM @ Philander Smith CollegeW-22-25,25-10,25-15,25-164-10 2-3Details
 36:00 PM vs. Concordia College SelmaW-25-7,25-19,25-85-10 Details
 46:00 PM vs. Fisk UniversityW-0-25,25-23,20-25,25-21,15-116-10 Details
71:00 PM vs. Tougaloo CollegeL-18-25,16-25,25-20,28-26,12-156-11 2-4Details
 95:30 PM @ Miles CollegeW-16-25,25-20,25-23,27-257-11 Details
 7:00 PM vs. Alabama-HuntsvilleL-11-25,14-25,14-257-12 Details
 107:00 PM @ Judson CollegeW-25-12,25-8,25-198-12 Details
 126:00 PM @ Rust CollegeW-25-9,25-8,25-139-12 Details
141:00 PM @ Tougaloo CollegeL-20-25,19-25,15-259-13 2-5Details
166:00 PM @ DillardL-8-25,25-22,23-25,19-259-14 2-6Details
 186:00 PM vs. Clark Atlanta UniversityL-20-25,18-25,21-259-15 Details
211:00 PM vs. Xavier Details
236:00 PM vs. Southern University at New Orleans Details
2812:00 PM @ Edward Waters Details
 1:00 PM @ Morris College Details
317:00 PM vs. Philander Smith College Details
 66:00 PM vs. Rust College Details
 Senior Night